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I really like this app. Some of my teachers like to use clickers and promethean tablets to allow the kids to participate in quizzes and lessons. The kids love the clickers and the teachers love the kids being excited about learning. The only downside is the clicker systems are expensive. Plus, the batteries were left in many of the clickers over a summer and it ruined the clickers!! So sad!! It wasn't me although it easily could have been--haha. The great thing about kahoot is it can be used in a very similar was as the promethean products. Kahoot allows users to make a quiz or puzzle by going online to People who want to take the quiz can download the app or go online. When the quiz is "launched," a code will display for the person launching the quiz. Each player/participant enters the code to access the quiz. Kahoot can be fancy or simple. It is a wonderful tool for teaching!

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