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Makerspace Favorites

Over the course of the year, I have tried at least 50 different ideas for makerspaces with my library students. Makerspaces are a great way to stress the all-important 4 C's: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. I also like the way Multiple Intelligences are emphasized with makerspaces. Every student enjoys something different. I like to have variety each week and change things up from one week to the next to always keep our makerspaces exciting and fun. I watched closely this week to see what the favorite makerspaces are based on how busy the station is throughout the day. I found that the "crafty" station, whether it be making a card or a flower, or gluing sequins onto a heart is always the busiest (and messiest) station. The robots are always used as well. The big white board is always used also. Many of the students love to "play school." I get a kick out of watching them be the teacher. Interestingly, the least used station seems to be the iPads which are loaded with great apps and games. The students seem ready and willing to be unplugged. Maybe they don't get enough opportunities to experience creative play and learning. It was interesting to watch this week.

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