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Andy the Amazing Robot Builder

I bought a Meccano robot from Fat Brain Toys back in December. I thought the robot was going to arrive already assembled. Imagine my surprise when he arrived in almost 700 pieces. I was overwhelmed by the robotic arms that have 200 pieces but this 700 piece robot almost made me cry. I did not know when I would have the time, patience, or energy to put this guy together. I started watching the kids to see who loved the building makerspaces, especially the tough ones. I had a 3D world globe that was almost 600 pieces and rarely did anyone even attempt to begin to put it together. I put out a 3D dragon at a center. These dragons were about 100 pieces but complicated to put together. I had a few try and get quickly overwhelmed. Then along came Andy. Andy is new to our school and when he came with his class to the library and saw that dragon in its' pieces, he immediately started assembling. I had unknowingly mixed some of the pieces for two separate dragons but Andy quickly figured out what I had done wrong. Within minutes, he had put together both dragons. They look great. Because it was so difficult to put them together, I displayed the dragons on one of the shelves with some awesome dragon books. I wasted no time talking with Andy and his teacher about whether he might be able and willing to assemble my robot. They were both willing so Andy has been coming for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to work on assembling the robot. In one week of work, he has almost finished!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to work with this robot. It is supposed to be a smart robot capable of remembering and learning. So awesome!! Thank you, Andy and Mrs. Ferguson!!

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