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If the Book Doesn't Fit, Read it Anyway

In our school, the teachers are all on board with the idea of right fit books. Basically, the student has to be able to read the book or they should choose another book. Of course, as a librarian, I am in favor of the Reader's Right to Read and choose whatever appeals to them. I know from experience that kids are drawn to certain types of books and genres and sometimes they LOVE books that they cannot read. I watched one day this week as a kinder student argued with his teacher about checking on Dog Man Unleashed. She said it wasn't a "right fit" book for him and he said it was right. She said that he couldn't read it and he said that he could read the pictures. I told her to let him check the book out. After this incident, I sat down and wrote down 11 specific reasons that kids SHOULD read books that are not the "right fit." I decided that this problem is likely much more widespread than just in my school so I am writing an article and will submit it for publication. I will let you know when it gets accepted. :) By the way, when the book fair visited, I used Scholastic dollars to "buy" that book for that kindergartener. Hee hee hee.

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