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Makerspaces: Creating Motivating, Engaging Work Spaces for your Library or Classroom

This NEW, exciting seminar has been designed to help anyone interested in developing a makerspace. Makerspaces are open community labs where students or community members with common interests gather to share resources, knowledge, and career networking to explore, build, create, and design. 

Ten Key Benefits of Attending:

1.  Learn what makerspaces ARE

2.  WHY makerspaces ARE THE HOTTEST Trend in       school libraries and classrooms

3.  Learn tips and tricks from those who have                 successfully created makerspaces

4.  Develop makerspaces that support 21st century         essential learning Skills

5.  Create makerspaces that meet the needs of your       school and community

6.  Boost STEM/STEAM skills with makerspaces

7.  Stretch your budget and use existing resources

8.  Make time for makerspaces

9.  Reach NEW users for the library

10. Receive an extensive makerspace handbook  





Increase the Effectiveness of your School Library Program: Strategies, Strategies, Strategies!

In this highly practical, NEW seminar, information will be shared to help you make your school library program the most effective program it can be. How to create a vibrant, exciting environment that attracts students to visit the library again and again will be a central theme. 

Ten Key Benefits of Attending:

  1. Enhance Your Library Program Immediately

  2. Create a Unique and Powerful First Impression

  3. Practical Strategies for Lesson Building

  4. Ideas for Collaboration and Keeping Current with New Practices

  5. Best Practices for Making Your School Library Outstanding

  6. Improve the Media in the Library Media Center

  7. Outstanding School Library Makerspaces

  8. Too HOT to Handle—What’s Trending Now and Hot Topics

  9. Predicting the Future

  10. Receive an Extensive School Library Media Handbook

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