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Dr. Seuss Week

We have had the best time in the library this week celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday!! Everyday has been a different dress up day: Monday-hat day, Tuesday-crazy socks, Wednesday-mustache, Thursday-favorite Dr. Seuss character, and Friday-glasses day. Each day on the Morning Announcements, our wonderful 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Chandler and myself talked about Dr. Seuss and had a mystery Dr. Seuss reading. Each day we have 20 "winners" who get to come to the library and choose a prize among all the great items purchased from Oriental trading Company. It has been a delightful week! I also brought cake for Thursday (Dr. Seuss' actual birthday) for all of the teachers. It was delicious. So many books were checked out this week and the excitement about the events surrounding Dr. Seuss birthday was palpable. It was a fun, exciting week celebrating

reading and one of the great writers for children!

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